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Hagge Castle is one of the greatest fortresses in the Northern Realms, through the ages owned by each of the Four Kingdoms. Less than forty years ago King Virfuril of Aedirn defeated here Medell's armies, which strengthened Aedirnian control over the Pontar Valley and established the ongoing Aedirnian-Temerian border.

It is where a meeting was held by Demawend of Aedirn, Foltest of Temeria, Henselt of Kaedwen, Vizimir of Redania and Meve of Lyria, intended to take strategic decisions on the Nilfgaard offensive.

Vizimir, Foltest, Demawend, Henselt and Meve, repeated the marshal. They met in a secret council in Hagge Castle on the Pontar. They conferred in privacy. How symbolic, said the slender, black-haired man wearing an elk tunic marked with the imprints of armour and rust stains, without looking around. After all, it was at Hagge, not forty years ago, that Virfuril defeated Medell's armies, strengthened his control over the Pontar Valley and established today's borders between Aedirn and Temeria.
— pg(s). 228, Blood of Elves (UK edition)


Inns and taverns:

  • The Golden Hanged Man[1]