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This page is a finding aid which lists all quests in the Hearts of Stone expansion in a sortable table format. To see a quest walkthrough, click on the quest name.

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Quest Location(s) Region(s) Source Suggested level Related quests
A Dark Legacy Arnskrone Castle Ruins Gustfields Dismantling Count Romilly's figurine None Open Sesame!
The Secret Life of Count Romilly (proximity)
A Surprise Inheritance Ravaged campsite north of Heddel
Ruins across the river from the campsite
Novigrad Finding a journal and a key 38
From Ofier's Distant Shores Upper Mill
Kilkerinn Ruins
Hunter's Cottage
Novigrad Ofieri Merchant / Finding an Ofieri crafting diagram 33
The Cursed Chapel Old Chapel near Brunwich Gustfields Finding a diary and a key on a body by the Old Chapel near Brunwich. 36
The Drakenborg Redemption Bloodrot Pit Brunwich Finding a body with a bent key and a yellowed letter 38 Enchanting: Quality Has Its Price (proximity)
The Royal Air Force Vikk Watchtower Novigrad Finding a notebook and a key on a body near watchtower entrance 36
The Secret Life of Count Romilly Arnskrone Castle Ruins Novigrad Near Arnskrone Castle Ruins fast-travel point, find on body: Count Romilly's journal (part 2) and a Tarnished key. 38
The Sword, Famine and Perfidy Sunken boat wreck off the small island northwest of the Novigrad Novigrad Finding a Letter written in blood 36
Tinker, Hunter, Soldier, Spy Mohrin Village
near Moldavie Residence
Novigrad Finding a key and a bloody letter on a body in the watchtower overlooking Brunwich, just south of Mohrin Village. 33