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"Her Highness the Striga"
Scenes Locked in crypt.png
Striga's crypt
King Foltest
Scrolls generic icon orange.png + D'yaebl + 17000 XP
(if you save Adda)
Witchers' Secrets
Sweet Revenge

Primary quest

Her Highness the Striga is a quest in Chapter V given to Geralt by Foltest himself.


Velerad outside the Striga's crypt
Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

This quest is initiated when the King asks the witcher personally to deal with the matter of his daughter's curse. The regent even goes so far as to tell Geralt that he may kill Adda if there seems to be no way to lift the curse. Our hero had better make no mistake though, if Foltest finds out that the Princess suffered in any way, he will exact the same on the witcher's friends.

Armed with this knowledge, Geralt sets off for the Swamp Cemetery and the Striga's crypt. Just outside the crypt, he meets Velerad who seems anxious to speak with him. There are also several city guardsmen just hanging around, or so it would seem. The burgomeister tells Geralt that the King has sent word that the Princess's sarcophagus, conveniently located inside her crypt, should be searched for evidence. Velerad then asks the witcher to follow him into the crypt.

Geralt complies, but as soon as he is inside the crypt, he hears the gate being locked behind him. Velerad has trapped him inside with no means of escape. The burgomeister assures the witcher that he will be released after the "beastie" is dealt with. Charming! Having no other options, our hero sets about getting ready for battle. Cat potion? Check! It is dark as pitch in the crypt.

The witcher makes his way toward the chamber where Adda's sarcophagus is located. Just outside, he finds a campfire and takes the opportunity to meditate and prepare, waiting until the evening. The striga is reported to appear only after dark. Around 21h00 he enters her chamber.

On cue, the striga appears and it appears that the beneficial effects of any previous snacks have worn off completely. She is hungry and witcher meat is as good as any.

the striga
Lift the curse: Geralt uses his quen sign to protect himself and runs around the chamber, waiting out the night and tiring out the striga whilst avoiding her swipes. One candle... Two candles... When the fifth and final candle goes out, he hears the crowing of a cock. It is over, the curse is lifted. The witcher makes his way over to the princess and helps her out of the chamber. or
Kill the striga: It is a pitched battle, but in the end there can be only one outcome: one dead striga.

Geralt searches the sarcophagus. There he finds Ostrit's diary and a few more pieces of the puzzle fall into place. It seems that someone has been using the information in this diary to re-cast the curse on the princess. The same curse that Geralt had lifted many years earlier. He searches the rest of the crypt, making sure he has not missed any useful items and then makes his way toward the exit. The gate is unlocked as in either case, had he lifted the curse or killed the striga, there would be no fear of the striga appearing in daylight.

Once outside, Velerad greets the witcher and seems genuinely happy that he has survived.

Lifted the curse: The burgomeister can see that the princess has regained human form and takes charge of getting her back to the castle. He also rewards Geralt for lifting the curse with a fine steel sword, D'yaebl. or
Killed the striga: The burgomeister thanks the witcher for his help, commenting that he should have killed the striga earlier and for more gold.

Velerad then gives our hero a message from the king: go to the Old Manor, if you want to cure the disease. That disease being Salamandra, of course. So it is off to the Old Manor and hopefully, finally, some answers. Geralt makes his way south through the swamp cemetery towards to the road to the Old Manor. He has barely left the cemetery behind when whom should he meet but Count Roderick de Wett and a few knights of the Order.

The two exchange a few (not so) pleasantries when the subject turns to the striga. De Wett seems overly anxious to know if the striga has been killed. Geralt is circumspect and says only that the problem has been dealt with and that an interesting and informative diary was recovered in the process. This is where the count makes his first big mistake. He sloppily refers to the diary as "Ostrit's diary". Knowing full well that he never mentioned Ostrit, the witcher realizes that Roderick knows far too much not to have been involved.

Geralt confronts the count, demanding an explanation. De Wett seems only too happy to explain himself and reveals that he is actually working with Salamandra, for now. It is his ultimate plan to outsmart them and he invites the witcher to join him. Geralt is quite rightly appalled at the idea and the two duel. It is not really a fair fight as there are only four of them against a witcher.

With the count dead, the path to the Old Manor is clear, so our hero forges onward, after making sure to search the fresh bodies for information. He fights his way through drowners and drowned dead, bloedzuigers, Dagon worshippers and priests, and every conceivable variety of mutant until he reaches the Old Manor.

Fate smiles on him as he is joined by an ally who helps him enter the catacombs beneath the manor by fending off the remaining mutants at the entrance. Inside, the path is not easy however, but the witcher perseveres and keeps steadily approaching his goal: Javed's laboratory. He finds the lab, but not before battling many more mutants, armoured hounds, a koshchey and a pair of greater brothers. Javed is dispatched and the Grand Master is uncovered as the true mastermind behind the nefarious Salamandra organization.

Our hero then meets up once again with his trusty ally and heads back to Vizima by means of a boat secured by the latter. Once in Vizima, the burning remains of the Temple Quarter to be exact, Geralt informs the king of the Princess's fate.


  • If you are not ready to fight the striga, do not speak to Velerad at the Cemetery. If you do, then for goodness sake, do not follow him into the crypt. This triggers the scene where he locks Geralt in the crypt with the striga and you will be left with no choice. That said, onward.
  • To save Adda, you must enter the chamber where the striga is. Then begins a waiting game where you must tire her out. . .
    • In the centre of the chamber is a sarcophagus with five lit candles. Each candle represents a "stage" that lasts a minute. During that minute, you must either run around the chamber and avoid the striga, or keep the sarcophagus between the two of you.
    • After the "stage" is over, an animation plays for 15 seconds that shows a candle going out. Both Geralt's and the striga's positions are reset, and the chase repeats.
    • You must not leave the chamber by going past the fireplace. If you do so, all the candles become lit again, resetting the waiting game. Staying outside the chamber will not cause the candles to go out, but the striga will continue to pursue.
    • Quen comes in handy if you are not so good at avoiding the striga and she gets a swipe or two in. Quen protects you nicely even if you have minimal talents allocated to that skill.
  • If you choose to kill her, then Igni works well, in combination with strong silver and the necessary protective potions and oils.
    • Using Aerondight in combination with a temporary rune stone is another tactic.
  • The Enhanced Edition has a curious bug: The saved Adda is in her underwear, once you leave the crypt she is in her party dress, after talking to Velerad, should you meditate at the campfire for a while (18h), the princess will still be standing front of the crypt gates, but now in her underwear again.


King Foltest Princess Adda Triss Merigold, advisor Velerad, advisor Count de Wett, advisor



The King left me with Triss, Velerad, and De Wett. He wants me to consult them before we meet again. Princess Adda has turned into a striga once again, and I need to figure out what to do. The king will summon me again soon. I must speak with Triss, Velerad, and De Wett.

The Story of the Striga[]

Velerad reminded me of the story of the striga. He doesn't know where the monster sleeps during the day, but she was seen in Old Vizima. I'll look for her there. The striga sleeps in daytime, but apparently she has been seen in Old Vizima.

The Fruit of Incest[]

De Wett believes the king wishes to be rid of the striga. Her appearance has reminded people that Adda was the fruit of an incestuous union. Adda was born of an incestuous union between the king and his sister.


Triss believes someone from Adda's entourage caused her [to] turn once again into a striga. It's possible that someone "helped" Adda turn into a striga.

Royal Counselors[]

I spoke to Triss, Velerad, and De Wett. I think I know where I stand. I spoke to Triss, Velerad, and De Wett. The king will summon me soon.

An Agreement with the King[]

Foltest was quite clear. If I botch thing with the striga and she suffers, my friends will suffer too. If, on the other hand, I manage to lift the curse, I can expect a reward. If Adda dies, quickly and painlessly [sic], I'll neither gain nor lose anything. I'm to speak with the chamberlain to return to Old Vizima. If I want to return to Old Vizima, I should speak with the chamberlain.

In Vizima[]

I'm in Old Vizima. Hmm.. What now? I should go on and look for clues as to the striga's whereabouts. I should move on and search for clues as to the striga's whereabouts.

Striga in the City[]

A soldier ran up and told me that the striga was seen by the tower. I should check out the situation. The striga was spotted near the tower. I should go there and look around. (3000 XP)

The Mutant[]

Kalkstein claims the monster I killed was no striga, but a mutant. He did hear rumors of a striga tearing someone to bits near the old chapel in the swamp. I must find a way to get there... But first I should make sure my friends are all right. I should see my friends and consider what to do next. (Scrolls generic icon orange.png)

The Real Striga[]

Kalkstein related some gossip about a real striga tearing someone to bits near the old chapel in the swamp. I should go there and have a look. I should look for the striga near the old chapel in the swamp cemetery.

A Father in Despair[]

I met a strange man in the swamp. In spite of fearing monsters, he waits day and night for his son to return. He claims the striga emerges nightly from the crypt beneath the church. I must go there after dusk and face her. I can also try and lift the curse that holds her. To do that, I must remain near her sarcophagus till daybreak, somehow survive the night. I must go to the crypt after dusk and face the striga.

Tracks or The Curse is Broken[]

Killed the striga:


I failed to lift the curse that held Adda. She perished at my hand. I must learn who cursed her. Someone else has clearly been in this crypt recently. I should search for clues. Then I need to get out of here. Important matters await. I should look for clues. I must learn who turned Adda into a striga again. (2000 XP) or

Lifted the curse:

The Curse is Broken[]

Success! I survived the night in the crypt... and the curse is lifted. I must speak with Adda, learn who cursed her. It's clear someone else has been in the crypt recently. I should look for clues. I must speak with Adda, now free of the spell that held her. (5000 XP)


I found the journal of Ostrit, who first cursed Adda years ago. The journal details many spells and proves almost conclusively that someone intentionally re-cast the curse, turning Adda into a striga once more. I have proof. Now to get out of this damned crypt...

Velerad + Ostrit's Journal or A Reward + Ostrit's Journal[]

Killed the striga:


I told Velerad of Adda's death. He seemed to accept the news... Velerad accepted Adda's death. (2000 XP)

Ostrit's Journal[]

I found Ostrit's journal in the striga's sarcophagus. It proves someone intentionally restored the curse. I hope to find the culprit. I should tell the king what I know when we next meet. I'll tell the king of my discovery when we next meet. or

Lifted the curse:

A Reward[]

I can tell Velerad doubted I could lift the curse. The king sent him to deliver my reward. A nice sword by any standard... The king has rewarded me, and a fine sword it is. (D'yaebl + 3000 XP)

Ostrit's Journal[]

I found Ostrit's journal in the striga's sarcophagus. It proves someone intentionally restored the curse. I hope to find the culprit. I should tell the king what I know when we next meet. I'll tell the king of my discovery when we next meet.

De Wett[]

De Wett! He used the spell from Ostrit's journal to turn Adda into a striga once again. He'll pay for his villainy. De Wett must die, the way to the Old Manor will then be clear. I must kill De Wett, and the way to the Old Manor will be clear.

Crime and Punishment[]

De Wett should've stayed out of my way. He paid for the suffering he caused Adda. When I next see the king, I'll tell him of De Wett's deeds. When I next see the king, I'll tell him of De Wett's betrayal.

The King[]

I told the king of De Wett's deeds. Though furious, he was glad that I killed the traitor. I informed the king of De Wett's deeds. The king was furious. (6000 XP)


Significant plot details end here.