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Heraldic Animals
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Common item
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82 crown(s)
Price to buy
166 crown(s)
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24 crown(s)
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A copy of this book can be purchased from the herbalist in Kaer Trolde village. Reading this book adds a bestiary entry for griffins.

Journal entry[]

Of all the heraldic beasts, lions and griffins are the most noble and pure. Let us speak first of griffins, for the creatures from which the armorialists draw inspiration combine elements of both eagles and lions, and thus contain within them both rulers of the Animal Kingdom.
Griffins are brave hunters and the most chivalrous of creatures known to man. Before they snap down from the heavens upon their prey like a divine whip, they let out a long, piercing shriek in warning, so that the victim may prepare itself for the imminent attack. Griffins do not fear to attack armed men - in fact, they prefer such prey, for defeating a knight flatters their pride. They even attack fiends, the terror of the Velen wilderness, so honorable is their nature.