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Hieronymus' notes
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Quest items / Books
Common item
Chest in the Bastion near Kaer Morhen
Base price
65 crown(s)
Price to buy
65 crown(s)
Price to sell
0 weight

These notes describe where the second portal crystal can be found.

Associated quest[]

Journal entry[]

My study of Elgar's armor has allowed me to devise new alloys and increase the magic conductivity of the second crystal. This might be the breakthrough I needed in my work on the teleport. For my trial run, I have calibrated the portal to exit in the cave near the tower's base. I need now only charge the crystal with solar energy, for which purpose I have placed it in the outer wall of the tower, near the scaffolding. Only hours remain before it is entirely charged!
I have finished my work on a diagram which will allow us to replicate this armor and equip the entire School of the Wolf with it. Varin, the witchers' fencing instructor, has taken credit for this find, but it was I who, using logical deduction and only a slight dollop of magic assistance, uncovered the chamber where Elgar must have once resided. The space was hidden behind a primitive illusion, one needed merely look carefully to see through it. I found notes which indicate Elgar had worked out diagrams for improvements to his equipment which he then hid for safekeeping in various locations around the world. Careful study of his notes allowed me to write up instructions on how to find these upgrades. I went to the old watchtower and gave this research to Chird. As soon as he finishes preparing the silver sword diagram, he will set out to gather all the upgrade diagrams. Varin has the finished steel sword and will begin forging blades based on it. I hope he will distribute them to the poor lads he trains – they at least deserve proper equipment after going through the horror he calls training.
By the gods – I think I see fire on the horizon, coming from where the old watchtower stands! I can also hear some kind of commotion outside my tower.
The way down is blocked – what is going on?!