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His Imperial Majesty, Emhyr var Emreis
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Common item
Base price
10 crown(s)
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10 crown(s)
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0 weight

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Journal entry[]

Emhyr var Emreis rules to expand. He has trained his strategic brilliance on a singular vision – to conquer the world, though he rightly calls this not conquest, but salvation. Yes. The emperor of Nilfgaard sets the world alight with the torch of civilization.
Trampling the still-warm corpses of his father's usurpers, the emperor seized the throne and began to assimilate the Northern Realms, one after the other. Terror engulfed the North. Only The Battle of Brenna slowed the Imperial Army's march toward victory. A temporary peace then took hold, though none believed this mirage would last. Emhyr's aim, to make the entire North a vassal of Nilfgaard, remained unchanged. Emhyr used peace as a cover to intensify his political efforts. Now all can see their results – chaos and disorder devour the Nordlings' states. Ridden with internal bickering and backstabbing, they near collapse. Only a strong ruler can grapple this dysfunction into function. Only a wise ruler can give vision to their blindness. Only Emhyr var Emreis can save the North. So our armies have again crossed the Yaruga – for the third and final time...