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Hjalmar an Craite
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Hjalmar in The Witcher 3
King of Skellige Isles (determinant)
Flag Skellige.png
Kaer Trolde, Undvik
Physical Description
Eye color
Hair color
Reddish brown
Clan Craite
Crach an Craite (father)
Cerys an Craite (sister)

Hjalmar (Polish: Krzywogęby meaning "slackjaw") was the son of Crach an Craite. He was in love with Ciri.

In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Hjalmar and his sister Cerys feature in the final installment of the trilogy. During the events of The Witcher 3 on Skellige, it is possible for Geralt to help either Hjalmar or Cerys to become the new ruler over the islands.

Journal entry[]

The saying "like father, like son" fits Crach and his first born son to a tittle. Young Hjalmar took after his father in both posture and character, and many predicted that in time he would ovetake his elder in the honor and fame he would gain.
An extremely able, broad-shouldered swordsman, he had the makings of a superb warrior, and his charisma and tendency towards almost mad bravura meant he could stir the hearts of loot- and glory-craving yourht from all Skellige's clans.
All these traits made Hjalmar an obvious choice for the next king of Skellige. He thus did not hesitate to stake his claim when the time for this arrived and immediately set up for Undvik to prove his heroism by battling the legendary Ice Giant.
Hjalmar accomplished what he set out to do. Fighting side by side with the witcher he defeated the fierce colossus of Undvik.
Young an Craite proved his valor when he and the witcher avenged the guests murdered during the infamous "Bloody Banquet" at Kaer Trolde. By this deed he also cleared his family name of all dishonor.
If Hjalmar becomes king:
All these feats convinced Skelligers that Hjalmar was fit to be king. Though it was clear it would take some time before the young ruler could step entirely out of his father's shadow, most islanders were pleased and proud with their choice of ruler.
If Cerys becomes queen:
Though his sister was chosen to be ruler instead of him, Hjalmar did not bear a grudge and decided to lend her reign all his strength, an act that showed surprising political maturity.
When discussing Hjalmar's heroic deeds it surely must be mentioned that he did not hesitate to support Geralt by answering his call and defending Ciri at Kaer Morhen.
If Svanrige becomes king:
Hjalmar's hot temper turned out to be his doom in the end. Young an Craite died alongside his sister while leading one of the first attacks on the Nilfgaardian fleet.

Associated quests[]