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Homer Straggen, known as the "Nightingale", was the leader of a band known as the Nightingale gang. He was insolent, cunning and cruel; very professional. Although he preferred to wear red, he looked more like a frog with his bulging eyes. He and the gang were contracted by Schirrú to kill Geralt.

He was captured by the Caed Myrkvid druids for trespassing in their sacred grove and burned alive inside a Wicker hag, together with Schirrú and other members of the Nightingale gang. This act was apparently a precedent for the Caed Myrkvid druids but it was lifted directly from people's superstitions about their practices and was meant to serve as an example for future intruders.

Other members of the gang[]


  • The idea of a wicker effigy used for human sacrifice is a historically documented druidic practice, see Wicker man