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Ice giant
Vulnerable to
Ogroid oils
wields a large improvised flail made from a ship anchor

The Ice giant of Undvik is a boss monster that Geralt encounters In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. He is a huge troll-like creature, who dominates the landscape of the now abandoned Skelligan island. As revealed by the developers, the Ice giant fashions himself a basic protective armor made using the remains of shipwrecks. The derelict ships also provide the Giant with a weapon - a chained anchor.

Geralt is asked by a Jarl Crach an Craite to find his son Hjalmar who had earlier left on a personal quest to find and kill the ice giant. For this, the witcher crosses the sea, and employs his Witcher Senses to track Hjalmar and his crew. The trail leads Geralt to the cave of an Ice giant where one of Hjalmar's crew, Vigi the Loon, is being held captive. Geralt must decide whether or not to kill the giant in his sleep, or fight him "honorably".

Associated quest[]

Bestiary entry[]

Fled one time in my life. From the Ice Giant. And know what? I'm not a bit ashamed.
— Rasmund Kvaalkje, Clan Tordarroch oarsman
This powerful, primeval monster is quite possibly the last of its race. The Ice Giant resembles a man in many respects, but is blue as frost and taller than a tree. Though it seems capable of reason, all attempts to communicate with it to date have ended the same way – in a quick and painful death.


  • According to the Official Prima Guide, he is called Myrhyff.
  • His "armor" consists of ropes, bones and other material he finds on his island.
  • One of the cards in the Gwent deck features the ice giant.
  • The Ice Giant can sense when Geralt walks on ice and snow, waking it from its slumber. So to sneak Geralt should walk on dirt instead.