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Idi was briefly the king of Kovir after wresting the crown from Baldwin Thyssen, forcing the Thyssens to flee their ancestral home.

During his tenure, Stregobor and Zavist were his advisors, and due to their opinion, Idi banished Geralt instead of rewarding him for the amphisboena he'd slain. He also was known to possessed a broken hourglass.

'Our last meeting,' said Geralt, 'was in the court of King Idi of Kovir. I'd come to be paid for an amphisboena which had been terrorising the neighbourhood. You and your compatriot Zavist vied with each other to call me a charlatan, a thoughtless murdering machine and a scavenger. Consequesntly not only did Idi not pay me a penny, he gave me twelve hours to leave Kovir and, since his hourglass was broken, I barely made it.
— pg(s). 83, "The Lesser Evil", in the collection The Last Wish (UK edition)

He was killed, along with Rhyd and his entire family during the "Night of Knives and Torches".

He is mentioned in "The Lesser Evil", a short story included in The Last Wish collection.