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Imlerith is one of Eredin Bréacc Glas' generals in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The other general is Caranthir.

Journal entry[]

Imlerith – a general of the Wild Hunt and a frequent guest in Geralt's nightmares – had been chasing Ciri for quite some time, striving to deliver her to his ruler, Eredin.
This powerful and brutal warrior had fought in the countless battles and campaigns for conquest waged by the Aen Elle in other worlds. He prized physical confrontation above all else, seeking out direct, bloody skirmishes where opponents pit their strength, agility and training against each other in a contest to the death.
Imlerith attacked Kaer Morhen along with the rest of the Hunt. There the keep's defenders witnessed heart-wrenching proof of this warrior's dangerous might. Vesemir, who had spent most of his long life with a sword in his hand, heroically stood to fight this foe but, to everyone's great despair, was bested after a bloody and hard-fought confrontation and perished at this monster's hands.
Regardless of race or birth, most warriors share common desires and delights. Imlerith was no exception. Avallac'h informed Ciri that he was wont to wallow in corporeal pleasures and would take advantage of his stay in our world to attend the Crones' sabbath.
Geralt and Ciri thus decided to meet him there and engage him in a final confrontation. Geralt won this battle, killing Imlerith and thus avenging the death of his master, Vesemir

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