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Inspired by The Witcher is a CD with additional music inspired by The Witcher computer game and Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher series. It is sold separately and available with some international editions of the game. It is also included in The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.

see also The Witcher soundtrack

List of tracks[]

No Name Artist Length
01 Tales of the Witcher Adam Skorupa 2:38
02 Born Again Rootwater 4:39
03 Throw the Stone Jesus Chrysler Suicide 5:34
04 Sword of the Witcher Vader 3:36
05 Tarot Lady Aarp 4:19
06 Hallowed Be Thy Name Habakuk 4:16
07 Sapphire Waters Village Kollektiv 4:26
08 Skellige Duan 4:21
09 Sou-au Me Myself and I 4:29
10 Bring to the Boil Beltaine 4:36
11 Sentinels of Brokilon Rimead 7:18
12 The Witcher theme Believe 2:13
13 Running Away Skowyt 2:54
14 They Want to Suck Lal 3:13
15 Trial of the Herbs Marcin Przybyłowicz 3:03