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One of Deidre Ademeyn's alleged victims included the priestess Isildura... And truthfully, the old hag was nearing the end of her days, but that changes little in the eyes of those who witnessed the events. They believe beyond a doubt that Deidre caused the old priestess' death. To add fuel to that suspicion, Sabrina Glevissig had come to perform a magic ritual that was to lift the "curse" everyone believed to be plaguing Deidre.

Apparently Deidre was enraged by this and in the confusion a huge wolf emerged from behind a house. Before it could be stopped, it shredded Isildura's throat. Sabrina then cast another powerful (though banned, necromantic) spell and the old priestess' spirit is said to have risen and pronounced:

"I was killed by Deidre Ademeyn, who was born beneath the black sun."

Isildura is only mentioned in the Price of Neutrality premium module.