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Iskra (or Spark), whose real name was Aenyeweddien or fire child in Elder Speech, was an elf and one of the members of the Rats. She had dark, luxurious hair and huge, bright almond-shaped eyes. She liked to adorn herself with jewelry. She was Giselher's lover and, like all the rats she knew how to kill.

(...) a dark haired girl in fabulously coloured clothes suddenly erupted from the kitchen. She stabbed one of the Trappers with a rapid thrust, forced back another with a moulinet, and then hacked the innkeeper down before he had time to identify himself.
— pg(s). 312, Time of Contempt (UK edition)
The speed blew her beautiful, dark hair around, revealing a small, pointed ear decorated with a filigree earring.
— pg(s). 316, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

Prior to joining the Rats, she had been shunned by her own people and left to fend for herself. A prospect which meant certain death, had she not found a surrogate family with the Rats. The reasons for her expulsion were never explained.

Ciri shuddered, looking into the huge, dark, almond-shaped eyes, seeing the teeth exposed in a smile. Teeth so small they made the smile seem ghoulish. Neither the eyes nor the teeth were human. The colourful girl was an elf.
— pg(s). 313, Time of Contempt (UK edition)
Giselher never found out why the elves had condemned Aenyeweddien to banishment, for what misdeed they had condemnded her to death; since it was death sentence for a free elf to be alone in a narrow strip of no-man's-land dividing the Free Elder Folk from the humans. The solitary elf was sure to perish should she fail to find a companion.
Aenyeweddien found a companion. Her name, meaning 'Child of the Fire' in loose translation, was too difficult and too poetic for Giselher. He called her Iskra.
— pg(s). 326, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

She was killed, along with the entire gang, with the exception of Ciri, at the hands of Leo Bonhart in Jealousy.


In Polish, "iskra" means "spark or twinkle", so her nickname is merely a simplification of her true name.

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