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This is a DIY (do-it-yourself) mini-mod.

The item stacking values are governed by the


file. Or, if your game is patched to version 1.1a, then:


You will need to edit this file. Before you do, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the 2DA format article under the file formats category.

Note: Change stacking for ingredients, potions and other non-equip-able items only. Changing item stacking for weapons, armour, shield and magical items is not recommended — it may crash your game. I did not try this; it might work — but you have been warned.

Open up baseitems.2da in the editor of your choice (this is pretty big table, so I recommend Excel). I will take only a few lines here as examples — you will need to make the same changes to all the lines you want changed — in the column named "Stacking". Anyway, here is how it looks now:

16	ammunition_arrow	99
20	necklace	50
22	potion	10
26	improvised	50
30	scroll	10
32	gem	10
33	ingredient	50
34	upgrade_component	50
44	food	10
45	other	10
46	grease	25
47	bomb	15
48	drink	10
51	sp_rngd_amm	99
54	ammunition_bolt	99
55	thorn	99

And this is how lines above look after the update (again, I show only the "Stacking" column here):

16	ammunition_arrow	999
20	necklace	999
22	potion	999
26	improvised	999
30	scroll	999
32	gem	999
33	ingredient	999
34	upgrade_component	999
44	food	999
45	other	999
46	grease	999
47	bomb	999
48	drink	999
51	sp_rngd_amm	999
54	ammunition_bolt	999
55	thorn	999

Save the file with the same name and put it in the \DATA\OVERRIDE directory.

There is no need to start a new game; just load a saved game and enjoy your mini-mod.

See how it feels and experiment with new values as you like. Other mods may modify the same file (like the Weapon range mod), so watch out.

Warning: Applying this mod might possibly cause the game to crash when you have to fight an Echinopsis. To work around this crash, simply move the file out of the override directory.

McCleud Warning Note: Using the v1.2a patch and based on my completion of the game from start to finish using my own modified file from long ago, specifically and only containing greatly increased stack limitations for 29 items within the baseitems.2da file and no other changes to any files, a correctly edited file will not cause a crash under any circumstances. It appears (to me) the occasional crash exhibited by the game relates to it having problems with its own save enumeration system and/or a failure to correctly initialize the next environment being loaded, such as during an autosave attempt when passing between indoor and outdoor or outdoor to outdoor environments. In those situations the autosave file is usually corrupted due to the game critically crashing before the save procedure completed. I highly recommend liberal use of the F5-key to save often. During the life of a game from start to finish, the save folder can easily grow beyond 2-3+ GB of data. Since the game automatically parses all save files gathering various data for listing purposes, and for enumeration of next logical sequencing depending upon its current action, such as when saving or listing for save or load, a substantial performance boost can be had by manually deleting as many of the unneeded save files as possible every couple days. Files should be sorted by date-modified when doing this instead of depending upon the games generated header numbers to better ensure you only delete what you really want to. As an alternative you can simply move out the older files, keeping only the newer files in the save folder. You can move those back at any time.
McCleud OVERRIDE Note: Technical clarification. 2da and likely other files do not have to be in the OVERRIDE folder. The game will use them if they exist in the Data root. This is (likely) due to a standard function of the engine/archive-engine code to look in root folders for each file specified within a keylist/hashtable before using the file from an archive. During development stages no archive would exist and all files would be in raw/unpacked condition. I believe the OVERRIDE folder was created to help mod makers and end users of mods to better organize and keep track of mods, which is a good idea and should be used whenever possible.