Jacob Fenn was a physically crippled, but surprisingly able midget [1] and the business partner of Codringher. He is described as having no legs, disproportionately long arms, a large head and no neck at all. He got around using a motorized chair of some sort. He and his associate ran the Dorian firm known as "Codringher and Fenn" where they dispensed "legal consultations". The firm was in reality just a cover for their illegal interests and machinations. Fenn was essentially the research department of the firm.

A creaking could be heard from between the rows of bookcases and bookshelves that reached up to the low vaulted ceiling, and a moment later a curious vehicle emerged. It was a high-backed chair on wheels. On the chair sat a midget with a huge head, set directly on disproportionately narrow shoulders. The midget had no legs.
— pg(s). 24, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

Although the witcher was already acquainted with Codringher, Geralt had always assumed that Fenn was fictitious. He was quite surprised to finally make the man's acquaintance, in the flesh. Sadly, their association did not last... One evening, Codringher let his guard down and was mercilessly killed along with Fenn by Schirrú and Nazarian when they forced their way into the agency.


  1. In the original Polish, he is described as "Karzeł", a human afflicted with dwarfism, instead of "Krasnolud", the dwarven race.

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For the character in The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings, see Fenn (commando).

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