Journal of Research into Archespores

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Journal of Research into Archespores
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Common item
Blood and Wine
Base price
10 crown(s)
Price to buy
24 crown(s)
Price to sell
2 – 3 crown(s)
0 weight

Reading this book adds a bestiary entry for Archespores. It can be purchased from the Ducal camerlengo

Copies of this book can be found in the following locations:

Journal entry[edit | edit source]

Day 1
I have stumbled upon an extremely curious species – the venomous archespore. So far, I have managed to distinguish three of its varieties, distinguished by colors: green (the most common), yellow and finally black, which not only exhibit the most aggression, but also show the extraordinary ability to pollinate plants near instantaneously.
Day 5
My research into archespores continues. I think I have reached the point where observation is no longer enough to bring satisfying results. The species attacks mainly using a mandible located in the center of its flower, although when highly threatened, it may also spit toxic fluid. I was also able to discover archespores are particularly sensitive to fire, which may prove a useful piece of information regarding how to neutralize them if necessary.
Day 6
I have made up my mind. Tomorrow I shall try to obtain a sample of the fluid. I have already begun preparations...