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Fan art by JustAnoR.

Kayleigh was one of the members of the Rats. He was thin, with long blonde hair reaching to his shoulders. He was the adopted son of the castellan in Ebbing. His face was angular, his eyes a mad green, and his mouth was usually twisted into a nasty grimace. He wore earrings and had a snake tattoo. He dressed in a black calf skin with silver accents.

Huddled on the stool, Ciri raised her head, meeting Kayleigh's furious green eyes staring at her from under his tousled fringe of fair hair. A shudder passed through her. Kayleigh's face, though not unattractive, was evil, very evil. Ciri could see that this boy, although not much older than her, was capable of anything.
— pg(s). 308, Time of Contempt (UK edition)
Kayleigh had woken up in smoke, fire and blood, in a plundered stronghold, lying among the corpses of his adoptive parents and siblings.
— pg(s). 325, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

Prior to joining the rats, his adoptive family was massacred by Nilfgaardian troops, one of whom was Reef, but Reef had, like Kayleigh been left for dead after the massacre. The two helped each other recover from their injuries and then set out to spread some mayhem of their own.

Ciri first met him at the inn in Glyswen where both she and he had been dragged against their will by two different gangs: Ciri by the Trappers, and Kayleigh by the Nissirs. He, and the entire gang with the exception of Ciri, was killed by Leo Bonhart and his men in Jealousy.

Other members of the Rats[]


  • Artist Almavera tattooed a green snake with an open mouth and red tongue on Kayleigh's the wrist.