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Secondary quest
"Knight for Hire"
Tw3 baw ducal camerlengo (2).jpg
Secondary quest
Blood and Wine
Suggested level
Mont Crane Castle, and environs
Arthach Palace Ruins, and environs
Tulasens Caves, and environs
Notice board outside The Cockatrice Inn.
300 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level / 1500 crown(s)
Trophy (Knight for Hire)

This quest begins when Geralt read the Notice from the Ducal Camerlengo.

Journal entry[]

Geralt came across an altogether typical looking notice – someone was looking for the help of knights or other "strongmen." He concluded he met the above-stated requirements and set off for Knights Dormant Square to meet with the ducal camerlengo.
Geralt completed all the contracts the camerlengo had to offer him. The reward he received was not quite what he had expected, true, but valuable all the same.


  • Go to the ducal camerlengo to learn the details of the contract.
  • Complete the contracts you took on from the camerlengo. (15)
  • Go see the ducal camerlengo about your reward for fulfilling the contracts.
  • [Optional] Go see the ducal camerlengo to collect your pay.