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Korreds, also known as korrigans, rutterkins, fidgeters, rumpelsticks, or mesmers, are creatures described as being from the family Strigiformes, which would suggest they are owl-like. However, in the novels they are described more as "family monsters" typically found in basements, where they hibernate.

According to Gerald, the korred's lips, palate and tongue are quite similar to those of humans, but since it is unaccustomed to use speaking, it is not able to use its articulation apparatus properly, producing speech which is bizarrely accented and chanted, full of sounds which are unpleasant to the human ear.

Before a fight, the korred moves about and fidgets constantly, confusing their opponent, then launches a surprise attack with its claws and fangs which a wolf would not be ashamed of.

The Lady of the Lake[]

Geralt meets one in the basement of the Pomerol estate in Toussaint, along with a kilmulis, a pryskirnik and a creature which resembled first a candelabra, and later a Christmas tree with glowing eyes and which didn't feature in any witcher tomes.

Physiologus entry[]

Korred, a monster of the large Strigiformes family (q.v.), also called by local people a corrigan, rutterkin, rumpelstiltskin, fidgeter or mesmer. One thing can be said about him; he is dreadfully beastly. He is such a devil's spawn and scoundrel, such a bitch's tail, that we shall not write anything about his appearance or habits, since in sooth I tell you: we shall not waste breath on the whoreson.
— pg(s). 107, The Lady of the Lake (UK edition)

Known korreds[]