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Point of interest
Fields, next to the Hermit's hut
Chapter IV

These five kurgans (or barrows), located next to the Hermit's hut south of the Fields, are all that remains of the Lady of the Lake's champions. But what is that? There is an empty one...

Of the four that are not empty, they contain the remains of knights who died serving the Lady over the ages.

  • Gavander defended her honor against the Black Skull Knight.
  • Elleverer perished at the foot of her altar fighting a water beast.
  • Bors, a knight, was lost on a holy mission.
  • Reynard, an ordinary innkeeper, stopped customers from pissing in the lake...

The last kurgan awaits a new champion.

The hermit says that late at night, one can speak with the spirits of the Lady's champions.

Associated quests[]


  • No matter how long you wait around, the ghosts of the fallen knights will never appear.