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Lambert in The Witcher 3'
Northern Realms
the Wolf School
Special abilities
Swordsmanship, alchemy, Signs, superhuman abilities
Kaer Morhen, Novigrad
Physical Description
Eye color
Brown (in The Witcher)
Amber (in The Witcher 3)
Hair color

Lambert was one of the youngest witchers from Kaer Morhen and an adherent to the Wolf School. Known for his biting tongue, he was often rude in conversation. He was particularly rude towards Triss Merigold, addressing her only by her last name, which irritated the sorceress greatly. Lambert never had much use for politics, a trait common to most witchers. He helped train Ciri in the art of combat. He was described as being at the same age as Coën.

Lambert returns in the final installment of the game trilogy, he can be seen fighting a fiend in early release material. Geralt will meet Lambert earlier while he's fullfilling a contract in Novigrad.

  • Lambert also can die, when he is fighting a group of enemies during the Battle of Kaer Morhen, and Geralt is too late with his help.

Journal entry

The youngest among the witchers of Kaer Morhen, and perhaps the last ever trained within its walls, by the start of our tale Lambert had proven his chops many times over, having hunted down many a mighty beast and traversed nearly all the Continent's realms several times over.
Yet he had also developed a reputation for arrogance and sardonic humor, and his gruff and at times excessively blunt manner could irritate even his fellow witchers of the School of the Wolf. Whatever his vices, it went without saying that Lambert would brave the fires of any hell for his companions.
A chance encounter of two witchers hunting the same ekimmara turned into a tale of old friendship, murder and vengeance. The moral of the Story? Don't mess with Lambert.

Associated quests

In The Witcher computer game

Lambert appears in the main campaign of The Witcher, as well as "The Price of Neutrality" premium module. Despite not being fond of her, when Triss was sick and wounded after a fight with a wizard, Lambert cared for her, helping to nurse her back to health. Vesemir suggests this might be because he feels guilty.

In The Witcher he is wandering around the ground floor of Kaer Morhen or busy in the courtyard for the duration of the Prologue.

Associated quests

Journal Entry

The young witcher I met at Kaer Morhen sure is quarrelsome and he has a biting tongue... He is rude, especially to Triss Merigold, who he addresses by her last name. I think at times he uses rudeness to express his fondness for someone.

In The Price of Neutrality premium module

In "The Price of Neutrality", he can be found staking out the ford nearest the Camp, keeping the local weed problem in check and making sure the unexpected guests do not suddenly try to enter the keep.

Journal Entry

The young witcher is quarrelsome and has a biting tongue, though at times he uses rudeness to express his fondness for someone.
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