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Libushe is the wife of Caldemeyn, the alderman of Blaviken, and the mother of Marilka. She doesn't like Geralt, believing he brings trouble. She appears in the short story "The Lesser Evil" in The Last Wish. When Caldemeyn invites Geralt to stay at his home while in town, the two have the following exchange:

But what will Libushe have to say about it? It was quite obvious last time that she's not very keen on me.

Women don't have a say in my house. But, just between us, don't do what you did during supper last time in front of her again.

You mean when I threw my fork at that rat?

No. I mean when you hit it, even in the dark.

I thought it would be amusing.
— pg(s). 77, The Last Wish (UK edition)