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Louis Merse's report
Tw2 questitem mersesreport.png
A letter to the court in Vizima.
Quest item
Found in the Royal Mail drop box

Geralt can acquire this report if he persuades Louis Merse to let him have a look inside the Royal post box.

Associated Quests[]


Reply to the Temerian Special Forces
In answer to your inquiry regarding a local band producing fisstech, I hasten to inform you that we have not recorded any activity of this kind in Flotsam. Excluding tavern brawls, the town is mercifully free of vice, a fact we all owe to the energetic efforts of Commandant Loredo. Rumors of the brigand Dmitri are likewise false. The rogue in question was executed for his crimes, of which I apprised you in my previous report. Commandant Loredo urged me to convey that he advises you to replace your informer, as the present one apparently fabricates information (put simply, he lies like a dog), thus tarnishing the good name of the intelligence service. The Commandant also wonders whether your next inquiry will regard a flock of pigs flying over Flotsam or elves approaching the garrison's walls...? Gentlemen, please.
May the gods preserve Temeria
Louis Merse, Royal Burgomeister