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The village of Lublow has been built on the sea shore on the more sheltered side of North Faroe, looking across Uist Bay. The village itself is on the top of a cliff that runs along the north shore of the bay. The ground rises running north-west to Mount Skarrak, and even the fields and cemetery are not particularly flat. The main track leads west and around the bay until it eventually passes through Han Cross on the other side, but Geralt can also take a boat across the lake between the two villages.

The village contains stores, a Sanctuary and an inn, and at the eastern end finishes in a walled cemetery. The village is not safe at night, particularly near the river/ford, and in the cemetery.

The mud flats leading from the docks to the waterfall also are haunted by creatures from the bay at night. Possibly there is a way into the cave system behind the waterfall.