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Kingdom of Lyria and Rivia
Flag Lyria&Rivia.svg COA Lyria Rivia2.svg
Flag Coat of Arms
Official language
Common Speech
Lyria (summer capital)
Rivia (winter capital)
Lyrian / Rivian
Form of government
personal union of Lyria and Rivia
Head of State
Queen Meve
Geographical position
Places Lyria.png
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The kingdom of Lyria and Rivia is a northern realm, located north of the river Yaruga, ruled by Queen Meve. The kingdom's neighbors are Mahakam, Aedirn and Dol Angra.

Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

One July, during the Second Nilfgaardian War, the Empire invaded and conquered Lyria and Rivia without any formal declaration of war. It was, however, liberated during later phases of the war.

It should also be noted, though the witcher Geralt originally used the title 'of Rivia' because it amused him, he was formally knighted by Meve and given the title 'of Rivia' after the Battle for the Bridge on the Yaruga.

National emblems[]

The most recent coat of arms of the Kingdom was composed of Rivian lozenges, Lyrian eagle and Cintran lions. Coat of arms of the earlier union consisted of Lyrian eagle to the right and a Rivian lozenge to the left.

Original arms: Per pale, dexter Or an eagle Sable; sinister Argent a lozenge Gules.

Recent arms: Quarterly, I and IV Azure three lions passant Or; II and III Argent three lozenges Gules; overall an inescutcheon Or an eagle Sable.


Lyrian coat of arms Rivian coat of arms Lyria and Rivia coat of arms before Ceran's reign Lyria and Rivia coat of arms since Ceran's reign


Lyrian-Rivian flag

Rulers of Lyria and Rivia and others[]

Royal family:


Cities and strongholds[]