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Icon disambig.svg This article is about the quest. For the associated quest item, see Magic lamp (quest item).
Secondary quest
"Magic Lamp"
Secondary quest
Suggested level
Elven ruins northwest of Byways
Keira Metz
100 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level
Wandering in the Dark
An Invitation from Keira Metz

Magic Lamp is one of the secondary quests available in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Journal entry[]

Keira Metz had helped Geralt in his search for Ciri, so the witcher decided to return the favor. The sorceress sought a magic lamp which the mysterious elven mage had promised to give her. Since the object was nowhere in sight, our heroes drew the only possible conclusion: that it lay concealed somewhere in the underground passageways.
Their intuition proved sound. In the end Keira found the lamp she had sought, and our heroes could return to the surface. Their trek undergound had made friends of them, so Keira asked Geralt to come by her hut, as she could use some companionship in her lonely backwoods exile.


  • Follow Keira.
  • Search the room with your Witcher Senses.
  • Light the braziers in the correct order.
    • Inscription:
      "Four guardians, four flames, standing proud in a line.
      The First to light his fire dared not march on the end."
      "The Second, beside the First, played a woeful lament."
      The Third kept close to his faithful beast."
      The Fourth marched not beside the First, yet like the Second, played a tune.
      And thus they stood o'er their queen, who slept beneath flickering stars."
    • Solution:
      First, light the brazier at the foot of the statue to the right of the doorway
      Second, light the brazier at the foot of the statue with a lute to the left of the doorway
      Third, light the brazier at the foot of the rightmost statue with a dog
      Fourth, light the brazier at the foot of the leftmost statue with a lute
  • Enter the elven sanctuary to find the lamp (Keira takes it) and Sage's notes.
  • Find an exit leading to the surface.


Identity of the tomb that Geralt and Keira have found in the elven sanctuary remains a mystery, but there are many suggestions that it possibly could be the final resting place of Lara Dorren.

  • The grave has no name on it, as Keira notes: “No inscription sadly.”
  • Geralt suggests it: “If I didn't already know where she was buried, I'd guess this is Lara Dorren's Sepulcher.”
  • The verse of the guardian riddle, “And thus they stood o'er their queen, who slept beneath flickering stars.” could refer to Lara. Lara did die on a winter night, thus "beneath flickering stars".
  • There is a "Sign of the Gull", as Geralt puts it, on the tombstone, although it's clear it's a later addition, possibly made by the masked mage himself, similar to his other markings around the cave. Swallow is Lara's symbol as Geralt remarks.
  • The masked elven mage was trying to communicate with Lara Dorren's spirit, as he has indicated in his notes.
  • According to one legend[1], Lara wasn't buried in the forests near Tretogor. The elves took her body and buried it in secret caves, in the famous underground elf city of Tir ná Béa Arainne. However Tir ná Béa Arainne is located on the Mount Gorgon near Beauclair, so it can't be the same entity as this burial site in Velen.
  • There are also some speculations to whether Lara died in Tretogor. According to various sources on Feainnewedd, these flowers only grow on the hill where Lara Dorren died and in Dol Blathanna. The Swamp from The Witcher (computer game) has an abundant amount of these flowers growing up to a point that the games could be suggesting Lara Dorren died near Vizima instead of Tretogor.


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  1. Lara Dorren was probably buried where she died, i.e. in the forests near Tretogor, the capital of Redania. However, the legend says that the elves took Lara's body and buried it in secret caves, in the famous underground elven city of Tir on Beag Arainne, where no D'hoine ever set foot in.