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Magic and Power
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Book. A study of mages and their nature
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5164 oren(s)
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Reading this book adds a glossary entry entitled "Sorcerers" in Geralt's journal.

This book can be purchased from several merchants, including Einar Gausel and Sambor. It is also on the loot table for village containers during the Prologue.

Journal entry[]

'Sorcerer' is the name customarily applied to male persons capable of commanding the Power, though it is but one of the many terms or phrases, most of them highly unflattering, to have been used over the ages. These terms have ranged from the rather respectful title of "Wise One" to the somewhat less specific "bloody son of a bitch – the plague take'im." As for women of this persuasion – that is, sorceresses – they have been called everything from "archmistress" to a colloquial expression I will not repeat out of regard for the language and respect for the female gender. The command of the Power these mages possess sets them above mere mortals – which can be good or bad. From the dawn of time, history remembers mages either as pure-intentioned and courageous heroes or as rogues bereft of reverence and faith. Human memory tends to remember the latter for longer, which may be why common folk mostly hold people of this profession in contempt.