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Secondary quest
"Master Master Master Master!"
Tw3 baw master master master master!.jpg
Secondary quest
Blood and Wine
Suggested level
Various / many
Notice board on The Gran'place
150 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level / 500 crown(s)
Scavenger Hunts:

Master Master Master Master! is a secondary quest in the Blood and Wine expansion.

Journal entry[]

Searching for a master armorer is not unlike searching for a needle in a haystack. This applies all the more to grandmasters with sufficient skills to produce elements of grandmaster level gear based on appropriate diagrams! Yet Geralt had found just such a valuable drawing. Thus, what could our witcher do but put his nose to the ground and start searching.
While in Toussaint, one day Geralt found a notice posted by an armorer. Since to the witcher a good suit is potentially a matter of life or death, and since he had always benefited from working relationships he had struck up with able plate bangers, our hero debated the issue only briefly before resolving to visit the artisan.
Finding a grandmaster armorer borders on being a miracle. The world is full of rumors about elves and dwarves with a thorough mastery of the art of shaping leather and metal. The sad thing is most of these tales contend that all of them have long been dead. Yet as the Good Book sayeth, "Ask, and ye shall be answered. Seek, and ye shall find."
Imagine Geralt's delight when he happened on an exceptionally talented amorer, and one eager to work! This man's name was Lafargue, and he had been an apprentice of an elven master of the craft. Lafargue possessed not only the required skills, but he also knew where our witcher might find some lost grandmaster level diagrams hailing from five witcher schools.
Geralt made a deal with Lafargue - he promised to find the diagrams, while the craftsman pledged to produce gear for the witcher based on them. For you ought to know that this armorer's greatest dream in life was to produce the most perfect set of witcher gear. Doing so would mean that Lafargue had fulfilled his guild's final requirement and he could thereafter term himself a grandmaster. All Geralt had to do was to find the lost diagrams.
At long last, after numerous trials and tribulations, Geralt managed to assemble all the diagrams from a single witchers' school, diagrams that would allow the armorer to produce a complete set of gear at grandmaster level. Lafargue was consumed by joy. At last he could get to work and fulfill his dream. For he had no doubt he would succeed in creating a wondrous suit of witcher armor worthy of his deceased master.


  • Find someone who can forge grandmaster witcher gear. (If Geralt finds at least one diagram out in the wild.)
  • Find the grandmaster smith Lafargue so you can make use of his services.
  • Ask Lafargue about the contract.
  • Ask Lafargue about all the vanished witchers. (5)
  • Find all the grandmaster diagrams of one witcher school.
  • Take the diagrams to Lafargue so he can become a grandmaster.


  • Should you actually have collected all grandmaster witcher gear diagrams without having talked to Lafargue about their whereabouts, you can tell Lafargue about having found the five sets of gear and he will be impressed. Alas the game then gets stuck at "Ask Lafargue about the contract." and will not complete the quest. (Bug: v1.22)