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"Medical Problems," a new, fan-made adventure for The Witcher, is now available!

Description[edit | edit source]

Shani needs help fighting an epidemic of a new, unknown sickness. But what could a monster slayer possibly do about a medical problem?

The game has several different possible endings, depending on which choices you make while playing. Three choices each have consequences, making eight different paths through the game, and which ending you get depends on the combination of choices.

Geralt has monsters to kill, human lives to save, a mystery to solve, and witcher contracts to fulfil. There are also some ladies to woo, though all but one of them are optional. :-)

Play-tester Whisperwind said this about "Medical Problems:" "It is amazing what only one person can do, how full that little village is, and how interesting was that story. Thank You, Corylea, for this amazing adventure!"

Play-tester Secondchildren, when asked what she would tell people about "Medical Problems," said, "A well depicted environment, with a characteristic atmosphere and the taste of magic and myth. A big tragedy in a small community, a thriller, more sexy women and nasty creatures... sounds interesting enough, right?"

There have been several player's reviews of the game, including one by A.D. fantasta (the author of the excellent adventure "Entrapped"), one by Sayne (a member of the Ifrit team), one by DelightfulMcCoy, and one by Lyonesse.

Features[edit | edit source]

  • 12 quests (only 11 of which can be completed in any one game, since two of them are mutually exclusive).
  • 45 NPC's, all of which have names and conversations of their own.
  • 18 explorable areas plus three special areas, with 19 new loading screens.
  • 40 monsters to kill.
  • 6 sex cards to get, including one new one and 5 recoloured ones.
  • Many, many recolours of clothes, items, and even some areas
  • Several new items

Links[edit | edit source]

There are two versions of "Medical Problems" available; choose the one that best suits your needs:

  1. For everything you need in one file, download the version available from ModDB.
    • Download the all-in-one version.
    • Unzip the folder.
    • Follow the installation instructions.
    • Play.
  2. For those who are comfortable moving files around on their hard disks, the version available from the author's website has the adventure and the movies in two separate files. This should give you somewhat faster loading times.
    • Download the no-movies version.
    • Download the movie folder.
    • Download the main loading screen.
    • Unzip the adventure.
    • Follow the installation instructions for the adventure.
    • Unzip the movies folder.
    • Put the movies folder into the folder where your other Witcher movies are. (On many computers, this is at The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data\Movies, but the location of the folder varies, depending on whether you installed the EE from a disk or upgraded the original edition to the EE via patch.) In any case, if the folder has files like cs_sex_abigail1.bik and intro.bik in it, it is the right place.
    • Put the file in The Witcher Enhanced Edition\Data\Override. (Remember to take this out of your Override folder when you play the main game or another module!)
    • Play.

Notes[edit | edit source]

How to get help, ask questions, and make comments:

"Medical Problems" comes with four text files:

  1. An installation manual
  2. A hint sheet
  3. A list of cool things to be sure to see
  4. A walkthrough

Walkthroughs take half of the fun out of a game, so it is only there in case of a playing "emergency." Cheesy If you get stuck or have a question that is not covered in the installation manual or the hint sheet, ask it in the "Medical Problems" Questions, Comments, and Hints thread, and Corylea will answer you.

Estimated playing time:

There is a lot in "Medical Problems," but most of it is elaboration. If you talk to every villager, read all the tombstones, read the "History of Riverford" that is in the library, kill all the monsters (including the ones nobody is paying you to kill Teeth), well, it could take a long time. If you talk to a few but not all of the villagers and do not read all the "lore" stuff, about three hours; if you play the game in a relatively complete way, it would be more like 5 – 6 hours.