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Merten's notes.
Tw3 questitem th700 chapel journal.png
Item needed to complete a quest.
Quest items / Books
Common item
Blood and Wine
In small chest near Mystery Man in the Murky Delve cave.
Base price
Price to buy
1 crown(s)
Price to sell
0 weight

These notes are found along with a diagram for a Manticore silver sword.

Associated quest[]

Journal entry[]

17 Feainn 1203
It is done. I have reached the Cave of Tribulations and stepped into the hallowed confines of the Hidden Chapel. Never shall I forget what I have been through… I was attacked by giant fire-breathing creatures, power monstrosities akin to drowners crossed with endregae, men with the faces of wild animals… Yet Lebioda smiled on me and saw fit to let me survive this harrying gauntlet. At its end – here, in the Hidden Chapel – I surrendered myself to meditation and immediately He filled my mind with a vision of a lake whose crystal clear waters surrounded me, penetrated my soul and cleansed it of all wickedness and villainy… when I awoke, I was certain what Lebioda had designated as the last station on my pilgrimage: the Lake of Cleansing, where Lebioda healed the bodies and spirits of his followers.
Following the advice of the sage known as the Great Beggar, in whose wisdom I basked at the Temple of Lebioda (I pray all is well with him and the people of his village have understood he only speaks the truth and means them no harm), I shall now leave behind further things binding me to my former life. Doing so is not easy, however, for acquiring these diagrams once cost me a great deal of time, energy and sacrifice. But I know this is the right path. Let Lebioda accept my humble offering.
I now continue onward, towards the Lake of Cleansing. Though my road is difficult and full of sacrifices, it grows ever more straight and clear and I feel a lightness in my soul. My certainty I walk the right path grows strong as iron, firm as steel. Praise be to Lebioda!