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Merton Bringgs
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The Price of Neutrality
Camp near Kaer Morhen

Merton Bringgs leads the band of mercenaries hired by Merwin and Sabrina to find Deidre. He is a reasonable individual but also fiercely principled. If the situation calls for it, he would not hesitate to carry out his orders, even if that means crossing blades with a witcher, after all, contracts are sacred! He is also a dwarf.

He and his band can be found around the campfire just west of the Camp. He is not adverse to a good game of dice, either.

Journal Entry[]

Merton Bringgs is a dwarf who leads the mercenary unit providing security for Merwin Ademeyn and Sabrina Glevissig. He calls himself a rationalist and this seems true enough. Bringgs comes across as a thoroughly loyal and honest soldierly servant.
Bringgs' subordinates are paid regularly and at the agreed rate. Having no doubts as to their loyalty, if need be the dwarf will not hesitate to send them into battle against Deidre or even the witchers.

Associated quests[]