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Moreau's golem
Tw3 journal morou golem.png
Beyond the portal in the cellar beneath Mont Crane Castle
Vulnerable to
Dimeritium bombs
Elementa oils
Powerful swings of its heavy arms and stomping
4x Powdered monster tissue
2x Lesser glyph of Quen
Possibility of:

Moreau's golem guards the his some Jerome's prison in the caves near the professor's underground lab.

Associated quests[]

Bestiary entry[]

Long years of solitary study tend to make mages somewhat eccentric. As the years pass, laypeople begin to irritate them more and more: they are dense, unreliable, disobedient and determined not to understand the gravity of mages’ work. They display emotion when they should show discipline and self-mastery. No wonder mages have long considered the best companions to be artificial constructs they themselves bring to life and design to follow their rules and meet their needs. Professor Moreau was no exception in this regard. His golem was his dutiful servant and companion, in good times and bad. Moreau’s golem was also an excellent guardian: massive, unyielding and devilishly strong. All in all, he was a tough nut for a witcher to crack!