Mutant assassin

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Mutant assassin
Bestiary Mutant assassin full.png
Mutants created through experiments with witchers' potions and formulae; they serve the Order of the Flaming Rose unquestionably by supporting its assault divisions
They feel neither fear nor pain; they are resistant to hex attempts, including the Axii sign; they cannot be disarmed; they are immune to precise hits as well as knockdown and stun attempts
Can be injured with steel weapons
Quick and mobile, their combat skills match those of assault divisions, though their armor is inferior; they deliver precise blows that cause pain
Pituitary glands

Mutant Assassins are creatures unique to the game.

Mutation and training makes witchers excellent killers. The problem is their conscience, which prevents them from carrying out political assassinations or causing terror among common folk. The laws of the market say that if there is demand, it must be satisfied as soon as possible — which is why Salamandra created the mutant assassin.

Journal Bestiary Entry[edit | edit source]

"Unflappable confidence, strength and courage — these are the greater brothers' mottos. These virtues are indispensable for victory, but not sufficient on their own — basic rules of war must not be ignored. While forming new units of knights we need to remember about auxiliary divisions, which will provide the army with more flexibility on the battlefields around the world."

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