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Nathaniel Pastodi
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Church of the Eternal Fire
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Nathaniel Pastodi is a Reverend of the Church of the Eternal Fire in Novigrad, and the overseer of the city morgue.

Pastodi worked as a torturer before his assignment to the morgue by Hierarch Hemmelfart. It is said by Joachim von Gratz that he especially delighted in torturing women.

Associated quests[]

Journal entry[]

Reverend Nathaniel, supervisor of the city morgue and cleric of the Church of the Eternal Fire, was a man with a vile character – and a stormy past. Before donning the frock he had served for years as the city torturer.
One would be hard pressed to find a more inferior candidate for a pastor than a former hangman – but, as the saying goes, in Novigrad anything is possible.
If Geralt finds the real killer:
To say Geralt caught Nathaniel red-handed would be an ill-considered pun. Yet though the situation Geralt found him in clearly proved Nathaniel was a cruel sadist, it did not prove he was a serial killer. Geralt kept a cool head and decided the priest was not the man he was after.
Nevertheless, Geralt still felt Nathaniel deserved death. At times I have thought Geralt too eager to play judge, jury and executioner – but this time, I took no issue with his actions.
If Geralt kills Nathaniel Pastodi:
To say Geralt caught Nathaniel red-handed would be an ill-considered pun. Nevertheless, the situation in which Geralt found him clearly indicated this was the man behind the recent wave of killings and so the witcher struck him down in a swift act of justice.
Afterwards, however, a new victim's body was found and Nathaniel's name was cleared - well, of the killings, that is, for nothing could absolve this priest of his countless other sins.