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Waldemar Czyszak as Nettly in The Hexer.

Nettly, a peasant from Lower Posada in Dol Blathanna. He caught up with Geralt and Dandelion in his cart, and said he had work for a witcher. He appears in the short story "The Edge of the World".

They weren't riding fast and the empty cart, drawn by two piebald horses, quickly caught up with them. 'Woooooaaaaahhhh!' The driver brought the horses to a halt just behind them. He was wearing a sheepskin over his bare skin and his hair reached down to his brows. 'The gods be praised, noble sirs!'
— pg(s). 168, "The Edge of the World", in the collection The Last Wish (UK edition)

In the Polish Movie and TV series[ | ]

He was played by Waldemar Czyszak in episode 7, Dolina Kwiatów, of The Hexer TV series.

Notes[ | ]

In the original Polish, the character is called "Pokrzywka", which translates to Urticaria or hives. So it would seem that the original name focussed more on the character's appearance, whereas translations focussed more on the cause of the hives.

Substances Graveir bone
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