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The Night of Knives and Torches was culminating event in a bloody power struggle which began with the secession of Poviss, when king Rhyd declared himself autonomous. Through this, he gained independence for the East March (which later split into several duchies and kingdoms, only to finally unite as the so-called "Hengfors League"). But the worst was yet to come - there was a revolt in Kovir as well and Baldwin Thyssen lost control of the kingdom to Idi, and for the first time in the history of the house, the Thyssens were forced to flee. During the escape of King Baldwin died suddenly leaving his son Esterad to lead the family.

But Esterad did not bide his time in exile unproductively. He considered various plans, gathered his strength, gained adherents, including forging secret pacts and alliances. Finally, he struck back and decisively. That night has been known ever since as the "Night of knives and torches", Idi, Rhyd and their entire families were killed. The Thyssen dynasty was restored.

One consequence of these events was that Kovir forever lost the East March, having failed to take it into account when restoring the dynasty.