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The O is a shallow, easily forded stream in Lower Sodden. It is a right-bank tributary of the Chotla which begins in Mahakam. It's sister tributary is the A which joins the Chotla further upstream.

In Baptism of Fire, there is an amusing little exchange between Zoltan's company and Dandelion about the name of the rivulet. When the name is explained, the poet responds with an understanding "Ey!", to which Percival replies, "Not a bit of it! [...] The A joins the Chotla upstream, some way from here. That's the O, not the A."

The ravine, along the bottom of which flowed the stream with the uncomplicated name, was overgrown with nettles taller than the marching dwarves, smelled intensively of mint and rotten wood and resounded with the unremitting croaking of frogs. It also had steep sides...
— pg(s). 111, Baptism of Fire (UK edition)