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Olena's Grove
Olena's Grove
west of Bald Mountain
The Mire, Velen
Herbalist (Olena's Grove)

Abandoned site Fast-travel point

Olena's Grove is an initially abandoned site overrun by endregas and accessible by fast travel in Velen. It contains several Endrega nests. Once the area is cleared of the endrega threat, Geralt earns 120 XP earned based on the Story and Swords! difficulty level and 50 crown(s) and an herbalist appears at the location along with other settlers.

Map description[]

Legends claim that a beautiful nymph named Olena once lived in this grove. She fell in love with a young hunter and the man swore to be true to the nymph, but later betrayed her. She decided to punish him by casting a spell on his spirit, which wanders the grove to this day.