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Icon disambig.svg This article is about the mystical power. For the Order of the Flaming Rose, see Order of the Flaming Rose. For the Order of the White Rose, see Order of the White Rose.

The Order is a mysthical power opposite to the Chaos. According to Borch, the Order is the side which is endangered, in need of defensor, while Chaos is a threat, the aggressive side.

‘Quite a selective approach; very practical, I’d say. But at the root of it lies some idea, Geralt. The conflict between the forces of Order and the forces of Chaos, as a sorcerer acquaintance of mine used to say. I imagine that you carry out your mission, defending people from Evil, always and everywhere. Without distinction. You stand on a clearly defined side of the palisade.’

‘The forces of Order, the forces of Chaos. Awfully high-flown words, Borch. You desperately want to position me on one side of the palisade in a conflict, which is generally thought to be perennial, began long before us and will endure long after we’ve gone. On which side does the farrier, shoeing horses, stand? Or our innkeeper, hurrying here with a cauldron of lamb? What, in your opinion, defines the border between Chaos and Order?’

‘A very simple thing,’ said Three Jackdaws, and looked him straight in the eye. ‘That which represents Chaos is menace, is the aggressive side. While Order is the side being threatened, in need of protection. In need of a defender. But let us drink. And make a start on the lamb.’
— pg(s). 8, "The Bounds of Reason", in the collection Sword of Destiny (UK edition)