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Ostrit's journal
Quest Items Ostrits journal.png
The journal of the man responsible for Adda being born a striga.
Quest item
Provides a Journal entry
Striga's crypt

This journal explains the history of Princess Adda's curse. Because it is a quest item, it can neither be sold nor bought.


"I curse you, Foltest, and hope you rot amidst worms in hell. I curse your incestuous deeds. Your sister Adda deserved better. I implore destiny to render the child born of your lechery as monstrous as you. If the witch spoke truly, you will soon taste my vengeance. I need only prepare the ingredients and utter the words thrice. Some say that not even the words are necessary, that hatred alone suffices. Know that my hatred is fierce."
On the margins someone made notes, as if researching how to renew the curse of the striga.

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