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Otkell was one of six sons born to Hemdall and Heulyn. Legend states that when Otkell was sailing to Hindarsfjall, a terrible storm broke. Otkell called for his father's help, but his father could not hear, for powerful thunder drowned out Otkell's voice. In despair Otkell began yelling for anyone who heard his cries to come to his aid. In reply, Freya descended and gave Otkell a set of pipes.

When the hero blew on them, the waves calmed, the storm passed and Otkell could safely reach the shore. When Hemdall learned of the help the goddess had given Otkell, he ordered him to raise a temple to her on the isle. Ever since that day, Skelligers have worshipped Freya, and the women of Otkell's line have often chosen to become her priestesses.

His brothers are Broddr, Grymmdjarr, Modolf, Sove and Tyr.

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