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Map of Oxenfurt created by CD Projekt RED
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Localization of Oxenfurt on map created by Stanislav Komárek
Redania, on the northern shore of the river Pontar, south of Novigrad, about three hundred miles west of Tretogor
Stjepan Merchant (Oxenfurt) Blacksmith (Oxenfurt) Armorer (Oxenfurt) Barber (Oxenfurt)

City built on elven ruins

Oxenfurt is a Redanian city located on the northern shore of the river Pontar, south of Novigrad. It is famous for its Academy, which is the largest in the Northern Kingdoms. It is about three hundred miles west of Tretogor. The bard, Dandelion is said to simply adore the city.

The wooden, colourful town of Oxenfurt with its narrow streets and pointed roofs. The town of Oxenfurt which lived off the Academy, off its students, lecturers, scholars, researchers and their guests, who lived off science and knowledge, off what accompanies the process of learning. In the town of Oxenfurt, from the by-products and chippings of theory, practice, business and profit were born. The poet rode slowly along a muddy, crowded street, passing workshops, studios, stalls, shops small and large where, thanks to the Academy, tens of thousands of articles and wonderful things were produced and sold which were unattainable in other corners of the world where their production was considered impossible, or pointless. He passed inns, taverns, stands, huts, counters and portable grills from which floated the appetising aromas of elaborate dishes unknown elsewhere in the world, seasoned in ways not known anywhere else. This was Oxenfurt, the colourful, joyful, noisy and sweet-smelling town of miracles into which shrewd people, full of initiative, had turned dry and useless theories drawn little by little from the university.
— pg(s). 190 – 191, Blood of Elves (UK edition)


  • No coat of arms created yet, as it is not described in the books

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In The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt[]

Oxenfurt is situated east of the region Velen. It also features as a main showplace in Hearts of Stone, the first expansion for The Witcher 3.

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