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Spoiler warning: Significant plot details follow.

There are two passwords required over the course of the game: one to get into the Salamandra hideout in the Following the Thread quest, and one to identify the City Guard Officer who is secretly helping Declan Leuvaarden's organization.

Salamandra hideout password[]

  • The password for the Salamandra hideout takes a little bit more attention to detail and/or work. There is a hint in the Letter of recommendation.
  • Alternatively, you can pay the Innkeeper at The New Narakort to spill some gossip, he tells you that he overheard some shady characters talking about a password and that it is "thorn".
  • Quest: Lock and Key

City Guard password[]

  • The password for the City Guard Officer is given to Geralt by Leuvaarden at The New Narakort. You do not need to actually commit it to memory, Geralt has done that for you (it's the only choice in the conversation possibilities).
  • Quest: A Posh Reception
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