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Peter Evertsen was a Nilfgaardian official. He served as an army bailiff during the first Northern war where he delivered a decree that called for the annihilation of Lyria and Aedirn. After the war, he was promoted to the position of imperial treasurer.

Peter Evertsen looked and counted and calculated. And added up the money. Peter Evertsen was the grand chamberlain of the Empire; during the war the army's chief bailiff. He had held that position for twenty-five years. Figures and calculations; they were his life.
— pg(s). 218, Time of Contempt (UK edition)

Later, during the reign of Emperor Morvran Voorhis, he was falsely accused of abuse of power, convicted, and imprisoned at Winneburg where he died. Ultimately, he was cleared, though posthumously, by Emperor Jan Calveit in the year 1328.

Encyclopaedia Maxima Mundi entry[]

Evertsen, Peter, b. 1234, confidant of Emperor Emhyr Deithwen and one of the true authors of the Empire's might. The chief chamberlain of the army during the time of the Northern Wars (q.v.), from 1290 imperial treasurer of the crown. In the final period of Emhyr's rule, he was raised to the rank of coadjutor of the Empire. During the rule of Emperor Morvran Voor he was falsely accused of misappropriation of funds, found guilty, imprisoned and died in 1301 in Winneburg Castle. Postumously rehabilitated by Emperor Jan Calveit in 1328. Effenberg and Talbot, Encyclopaedia Maxima Mundi, Volume V
— pg(s). 199, Time of Contempt (UK edition)