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Captain Peter Saar Gwynleve
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the Nilfgaardian commander
Garrison commander
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Nilfgaardian Empire
Nilfgaardian Army
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Nilfgaardian Garrison, White Orchard
Look at my hands. Look! See the calluses? These are not the hands of an "Excellency", but of a farmer. So we speak peasant to peasant.
~ Peter Saar Gwynleve about himself, The Witcher 3

Captain Peter Saar Gwynleve is the commander of the Nilfgaardian garrison located in White Orchard. After the Nilfgaard victory at the battle of White Orchard in Temeria during the war, he and his company (military unit) occupied a ruined fort northwest of White Orchard which became their military post. He was assigned to govern the village and consequently became its head authority.

Geralt went to him, after learning from a vagrant, that he and Yennefer had a brief talk; during which Geralt was looking for her. The captain was requisitioning goods from a peasant when they met. After Geralt introduced himself as a witcher, and hearing that he was looking for Yennefer (who was working with the emperor), the captain exploited this and tasked him of killing the griffin terrorizing the area in exchange for her destination, which was a 'military secret'.

When Geralt came back with the griffin's head, the peasant, demanded of the village's share of the grains, had unintentionally brought rotten rye. Because of this, he gave the peasant fifteen lashes in accordance to Nilfgaardian military codex 'for the delivery of defective goods'. If Geralt questions him about the punishment, the captain will say that he was doing them good; after which the witcher rhetorically asked if the villagers' indifference was because they killed their loved ones. The captain retaliated by calling him a moralist then asking him what he would do in his place; to which Geralt tells him he would never be. Making him avoid the argument and ask about the griffin instead.

Geralt can either accept the coin reward or not, after learning that Yennefer was just a day's ride from Vizima, and getting upset on the captain. The captain justified that it was fair trade.

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