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Given by=[[Vincent Meis]]|
Given by=[[Vincent Meis]]|
Reward=up to 3500 [[XP]]|
Reward=up to 3500 [[XP]]|
Related=[[The Beast of the Sewers]]<br>[[The Drowned Dead Contract#Loot|The Drowned Dead Contract]]|
Related=[[The Beast of the Sewers]]<br>|

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Prison Break is the first quest in Chapter II and is necessary to complete before any further progress can be made in the game.


the dungeon
the fistfight
the sewers

This quest begins as Chapter II dawns, and we find that our hero has unceremoniously been thrown into the Dungeon. There are no obvious charges and thinks look pretty bleak, until Vincent Meis, captain of the City Guard, announces that there is a way to win passage out of prison by defeating a cockatrice which is currently roaming, unchecked, through the Sewers. This seems an ideal option for the witcher, but sadly, someone has already beaten him to the punch and volunteered.

Not one to give up so easily, Geralt points out that he is the better candidate to kill the monster, so Vincent consents to let him duke it out with the other volunteer to see who will win a chance to face the beast. A fistfight ensues and naturally, Geralt wins (if not, then he simply has to wait for the thug to fail and then take his turn).

Once in the sewers, Geralt meets Siegfried, a knight of the Order of the Flaming Rose, who is also hunting cockatrice. Geralt must decide whether or not to team up with Siegfried to fight the creature, but either way, the battle looms.

Once over, Siegfried shows Geralt the way out of the sewer and imparts some useful information. They part on good terms.


  • If you cooperate with Siegfried you will only get 800 XP for killing the cockatrice, working alone is worth 1000 XP.
  • If Geralt can not actually collect all of his things because of a lack of space in his inventory, this is not a big problem. The chest where all his belongings are remains accessible for the duration of Chapter II, so he can go back and get more stuff at any time. And any items left on the floor in the dungeon will not disappear when transitioning in or out of the area (does not work in EE).




I have to fight a thug. The winner will have a chance to win his freedom after killing the cockatrice in the sewers. I must get out of here. step one: kick the thug's ass.

Victory or Defeat

Geralt wins the fistfight: I defeated the thug. I can now go down to the sewers and face the cockatrice to get my freedom back. I must talk to Vincent about it. I must talk to Vincent. (500 XP) or
Geralt loses the fistfight: This man's jaw has to be made of iron. It won't help him against the cockatrice. I lost the fight.


Jethro gave me a silver sword. After killing the cockatrice I should go to him to collect my things. Jethro gave me a silver sword.

Cockatrice's Nest

Teamwork: I've decided to team up with Siegfried. It will be easier to fight together. Apart from that, I will gain the Order's gratitude. I must find the cockatrice's nest in the sewers and kill it. I must find the cockatrice's nest in the sewers and slay the creature. or
Alone: Siegfried wanted us to stand against the cockatrice together. I refused. The White Wolf hunts alone. I suppose Siegfried will tell his superiors that I'm not too willing to cooperate. I must now find the cockatrice in the sewers and kill it. I must find the cockatrice's nest in the sewers and slay the creature.


Teamwork: The cockatrice is dead. Siegfried proved very useful. I should take the creature's head as a trophy. Time to go back up. I don't really like sewers — it must be the aroma, I guess. I must take the cockatrice's head and leave the sewers. (800 XP) or
Alone: Kill the cockatrice without the aid of Siegfried. Take the creature's head as a trophy and to go back up. I must take the cockatrice's head and leave the sewers. (1000 XP)


Several Salamander bandits attacked us — I wonder where they came from. I must finally get out of these sewers. I must leave the sewers. (500 XP)


Siegfried gave me the key to a door leading out of the sewers. Vizima and all its dangers await outside. I need to recover my things as soon as possible. After leaving the sewers I need to see Jethro and collect my things.

Deposit Returned

My equipment is in a chest in the cellar. I hope Jethro didn't take anything as a souvenir. He also recommended that I call on Vincent and demand my reward for the cockatrice's head. I must take my things from the chest and take the cockatrice's head to Vincent. (1500 XP)



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