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The ship on illustration from Czech edition of Season of Storms

The Prophet Lebioda is a modern sloop in the Koviri style, built in Novigrad, launched less than a year prior as the Melusine, but later renamed to its current name. It is sixty-four feet long, the total sail area is 3300 feet. Single masted, with a gaff mainsail at the back, a headsail and two jibs on the forestays. The ship belongs to Kevenard van Vliet, a businessman in the tanning industry. On the flagstaff is suspended a flag with a glove, the emblem of his firm. The captain of the ship is Boxcray.

The figurehead, instead of the standard busty woman, mermaid, dragon or sea serpent, shows the Prophet Lebioda as a bald grey-bearded man with a hooked nose. Before being renamed, it featured Melusine, but Kevenard decided to change it in order to please Novigradian priests.

The ship is also featured in the graphic novel "The Witcher: Fox Children" (issue 3). In contrast to the book-version, the Prophet Lebioda in the graphic novel isn't a sloop; the licencors (CD Projekt Red) changed the design to fit the look of the game[1].