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Prophet Lebioda Statue
Prophet Lebioda Statue
Blood and Wine
West bank of the Sansretour, northwest of Plegmund's Bridge, Sansretour valley
Fast-travel point

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During the Big Feet to Fill series of quests, Geralt can help the merchants and architects fend off bandits, to let them continue to build the statue. The Prophet Lebioda Statue will then be constructed in five stages.

Map description[]

During the reign of Duchess Caroberta, Toussaint was visited by a certain disciple of the Prophet Lebioda named Plegmund. His words and deeds – which included miracles – were so persuasive, soon nearly the entire duchy had converted to the new faith. They crowned this outburst of religiosity with the construction of a temple dedicated to the prophet, but that was not enough for Plegmund. He convinced the duchess to build a statue of Lebioda – the likes of which the world had never seen.

Associated quests[]

The statue at sunset


  • Depending on the order in which the quests are undertaken, saving the fourth group appears to fail as the workers are already dead, making it seem like the statue cannot be completed. Completing the Contract: Bovine Blues quest, will put the construction back on track... the statue gets finished.
  • The statue is a reference to the Polish monument of Christ the King in Świebodzin (full Polish name: Figura Jezusa Chrystusa Króla Wszechświata, literally Monument of Jesus Christ the King of the Universe), the tallest Jesus figure in the world. In Polish version of the game, posters advertising the statue refer to the Prophet as "the King of the Universe".