The Rangers, self-titled "Guardians of the Forest", are a group of volunteers from Verden who have as their mission "to hunt down and eradicate non-humans". They enjoy nothing more than bragging about killing elves, spriggans and dryads. Geralt and Dandelion are not very fond of them at all and while the witcher can keep his feelings to himself, the bard cannot. Dandelion taunted a table-full of rangers at a fair in Four Maples which ended up in an all-out brawl.

Luckily for Geralt and Dandelion, one of the bard's friends, a local alderman was able to intervene on their behalf and minimize the damage.

The Rangers may or may not be responsible for taking advantage of a mute red-haired girl found later among the wine casks out back with a rather silly smile plastered on her face and little else on.


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